After a couple of years of hard work, the building working group and the club committee can finally announce that the much awaited club house rebuild is in a position to commence. Its been a long process to get where we are now, so firstly the club would like to thank those involved in the project for their extremely hard work so far. This has not been an easy project and its definitely not a project for the faint hearted.

There has been a lot of people offering assistance in this project or asking how the average clubbie can help get this club house built. With this in mind, the building committee will also shortly be releasing details on how you can help, what roles we might need assistance with and how we think we can best leverage members abilities in the club to get stuff done.

Please keep an eye out for this communication and have a think about how you can help. Even though we are in a place to progress with the bulk of a rebuild, we will still need some help to finish and as they say, every cent saved counts somewhere. From services in kind through to sweeping the site on a Sunday, everyone can play a role in getting this building finished.

Things will happen pretty quickly from here as we aim to have the old building demolished in September (yep, September in five weeks). It will mean a summer of disruption and making do in temporary facilities that might not be ideal or comfortable but that’s just the reality of building a new base. Unfortunately no one has invented a building system that can finish a surf club in a month so we have to make do. We will have facilities for patrolling and gear storage but the details of how this exactly will look is currently been finalised.

Thanks all and keep an eye out on your email etc. for more information shortly. If anyone wants the approved plans for the building, they are available on the club website for downloading under the new build section.