The next month will be a busy tie for the club. We are hosting the Junior Canterbury champs, the Student Army are visiting South Brighton, the local Southern Regional champs are on and of course, we have the National champs at New Brighton. With all this on, we will need some assistance so if you can help with the following, the club will be grateful:

  • We are looking for people to help assist deliver the Junior Canterbury champs. Although SLSNZ have not yet asked for help, we will need help with the BBQ, setting up arena's, judging and all the other things a competition will need. Any help will be welcomed.
  • When the Southern Regional Champs are on, its likely that most competitors will be down the beach at New Brighton racing so any one who can offer an hour or two covering patrols will be welcomed.

Its coming to the end of summer, so lets end on a high note!