On Sunday afternoons between 4.00pm and 5.00pm the junior surf program has training at Jelly Park pool. Surf winter swim training is a little different to your normal pool training.  We do lots of fun stuff which includes swimming with fins, and swimming under an obstacle course made from nets. There are also 2 different types of brick carries and tube rescues. This is a great way to see your club mates over the winter or to get some swim training in before the summer starts. 

Russell Ward has volunteered to take the younger or not so confident swimmers .  The session time will remain the same, so please be pool side ready to go by 4pm in the rec pool.  He has asked that if children have fins, snorkels and googles could they please bring them.  Its not a problem if your children does not have these however. From emails we have had a lot of interest from our younger members so we are very lucky to be able to split the groups like this and have Russell taking the kids.

Elsa and myself will be in the sports pool ready to take the older or more experienced swimmers. If your children have fins and googles get them to bring them along  This week we will have the nets there and we will be working on obstacles, brick work and swimming with fins.

if you require more information please contact Lewis (lewiskitchen71@gmail.com) or Nicole (ccwhy@xtra.co.nz).

See you all there!