The South Brighton SLSC has occupied its current site on the corner of Marine Parade and Bridge Street since its formation in 1929. The club house has had several forms in that time and the current building was partially built in the 1960's with an extension and major remodelling undertaken in 1982.

After the 2011 earthquakes the club committee obtained a Detailed Engineering Evaluation (DEE) of the current building. The DEE highlighted several major structural issues as well as looking at depth at the damage sustained in the earthquakes. After discussions with engineers and exploring the various options available, the club committee decided that rebuilding the club house was the best course of action for the club and the local community.

A building workgroup was formed and over the last 3 years this group has been working with our architects from Sheppard and Rout to design a new building best suited for the environment in which it sits, the club requirements now and into the future and the needs of the local area and its community.

The building workgroup has now worked through the consent and regulation process that is building on the beach and very soon we should be in a position to demolish the old building and get on with building this fine new community facility. Concept drawings of the exterior are below and the consented set of plans are available for download here.

support the new build by mailing your support here:

As part of our funding plans, the club is collecting letters of support from members and local residents. We ask that you fill out your details below, cut and paste the text below into the message box and submit your support! Don't worry, we hate spam and stuff as much as you so what information we collect will stay confidential.

"To Whom It May Concern, 

I/We are writing this letter to support the rebuild efforts of the South Brighton Surf Life Saving club.  The South Brighton Surf Life Saving club has been based in the South Brighton area for over 80 years. Over that time, the club membership has tirelessly served the community interests by patrolling the local beach and providing recreational opportunities for the South Brighton and South Shore community of Christchurch.  After the seismic events of 2011, the local area and its residents have suffered in terms of accessible facilities, services and opportunities to be together.

As such the club and local residents now recognise the need for our own local hub in the absence of other sporting and recreational facilities in the area. The rebuilt building will offer a community focal point and recreational opportunities for residents that simply do not exist in the local area at the moment. I/we support the South Brighton Surf Life Saving club rebuild project and offer our support and encouragement to the club and their efforts to provide what will be a much-needed community facility in the local area.

Yours "

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